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Tanna - Adventures, a Travel Experience

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Travelling Around Tanna.

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'Tanna' Transportation - In General.

Tanna is fairly unique for the Pacific as it has both tropical bush blended with natural landscapes which would sit quite at home in New Zealand. There is a large friendly population (> 20,000), but the island is hugely underdeveloped in regard to any industry, roads and for that matter administration. In regard to life on Tanna , 90 % of activity surrounds subsistence farming, there are only about 400 vehicles on the island and a popular form of transport is by horse.

Tanna Mud roads are always a challenge


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Travelling around 'Tanna' - A Personal Experience.

The roads are diabolical with all roads being dirt roads or merely tracks. There are no sealed roads and all vehicles are 4WD with most trips being extremely bumpy and time consuming, especially after heavy rain. On one trip we were on personally after heavy rain, we went around an hairpin bend and just made it past before about 3m of ground disappeared where the inside back rear tyre had just past. On our return we past the same bend. The Drivers have been born into this and are amazing 4WD drivers, and half the 'Tanna' experience is the transport itself.

travelling to Mount Yasur with Tanna adventures depends on the skill of the 4WD drivers


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The travelling is Intrepid - but the Rewards are worth it.

Most of the time, roads are dry, and in fairly good condition. When they aren't, just traversing the various obstacles with your driver makes being on a Tanna Tour well worth it in itself.

It becomes evident to the average traveller, that while Tanna is a very desirable destination, it is not one which is overrun with tourists. For those it want to see and experience 'real' culture and a way of life that has remained unspoilt by outside influence tanna is a true nirvana.

This is clearly manifested in Tanna's landscape, which remains as it always has been. The sights, including virgin bush, natural landscapes and major natural attractions are, as they have always been. The traveller is rewarded with a symphony of experiences which fill the senses

Tanna adventures Drivers -Louie and  Esso

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Tanna Adventures - We Recommend :

Great Island Tours & Walks to Do.

Travellers come as an assortment. All travellers want and expect different things during their travels. Tanna Island offers an amazing number and diversity of sights, attractions and adventures for those who spend the time to experience them. However, for most the Tanna experience is a part of a greater Vanuatu trip, with visitors drawn initially by Mount Yasur Volcano, and time is never enough to fully experience what Tanna really has to offer.

To do Tanna Island justice, you really need at least a week to explore all the places that identify 'Tanna' for what it is. Most people do not have this amount of time, so our suggestion is that for the time you have, pick a number of things and concentrate on them.

We have carefully prepared a handful of specific trips and walks which we feel captures the essence of 'Tanna Island' and provides an insight into the landscape and scenery of the island itself, along with the 'kastom', nature and personality of the people that are 'Tanna'.


Tours are easily arranged for travellers staying in accommodation along the western whitegrass coast, near the airport, or even better in Tanna Adventures Accommodation, staying with Esso and Rachel.


visit shark bay on Tanna Island with Tanna Adventures



Travel Tour 1 - The Classic Mount Yasur Trip.

Travel Tour 2 - Port Resolution / Shark Bay Trip.

Travel Tour 3 - Volcanic Ash Plain / Mt Mareun Trip.

Travel Tour 4 - Blue Cave Trip.



Walking up to highest village on Tanna to meet with cjhief toby with Tanna adventures



Inspiring Walk 1 - East Coast Forest, Coastal Waterfall & Beach Walk.

Inspiring Walk 2 - 'Kastom' Walk to Esso's.

Inspiring Walk 3 - 'Kastom' Walk to Black Magic.

Inspiring Walk 4 - Rainforest Waterfall and Surf Beach Walk.



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view this amazing sunrise by stau at tanna Adventure's Nima or Bungalow at Essos place