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Traditional Construction

Tanna adventures - map of tanna showing where Esso and Rachels Accommodation Nime is located


Tanna Adventures-Coffee logo ..... What Construction ?

When comparing great civilizations around the world, one can't help but compare the amazing architecture and construction that that evolved. On face value it seems that pacific ethnic groups had little to offer in terms of world comparisons. After all don't they use just a few sticks and a bit of leaf ?


Tanna Adventures-Coffee logo ..... An Impossible Task !

On closer examination, this view is unfair. Vanuatu for example is subjected to sizeable earthquate and frequent seismic activity, along with some of the highest magnitude tropical cyclones in the world.

Given that building design and construction techniques required to cater for these two forces of nature are almost opposite, developing a construction type that caters for both is almost impossible. Good seismic design leads to light flexible buildings, while building for cyclones conversely leads to heavy rigid buildings that wont blow away and are able to sustain substantial impact.

Added to this is the limited building materials that are available, as most islands in Vanuatu have a coral crust, and so any developed construction was limited to softer coral rock and timber.

Most timber and associated cladding has a relatively short life due to the high insect population, and this along with high humidity and temperatures leads to a short lifesan of most timbers.


Tanna Adventures-Coffee logo ..... Appropriate Construction !

Faced with this most pacific cultures worked with what they had, using materials that were ready available. Timber framed pole platform construction was light and able to sustain the majority of seismic activity, and clad in materials that allowed itself to breathe in high winds - roofing that fliped up in high winds and wall panels that blew away leaving the main frame construction to survive.

On top of this there was no point in building for durability as the climate almost ensured that it was going to get eaten, or rot before it was subjected to catastrophic loading. Instead, the focus was on the ability to remove any weak panels, roofing or framing and replace it easily. Even if the whole building collapsed, a new one could be constructed fairly quickly.

In short traditional Ni-Vanuatuan construction techiques employ clever adaption and appropriate construction to their environment.








Amy's Nima - Traditional Bungalow.

[Updated 30th September 2016]

Amy's Nima is a upgraded 'take' on the traditional Tanna Island bungalow, and has proven extremely popular amongst travellers. Its modern adaption to a 'kastom' building includes windows and interior linings, which are absent from the true Tanna Nima. The traditionally constructed bungalow provides more than adequate western comfort, without taking away the experience and ambience of another time, and another world.

Rachel will be your host at the accommodation

Amy's Nima /Bungalow

Amy's 'Nima' consists of a spacious traditionally constructed Bungalow. The framework is built from locally sourced timbers, the roof from folded coconut leaves and the walls clad in woven bamboo panels. It has a traditional pitched ceiling, and three glass windows which provide ample light, delivering a sunny and airy atmosphere to the bungalow. The floor is constructed from locally cut hardwood, and in a departure from custom construction, the walls are lined inside with vertically laid split bamboo.

The 'Nima' has a comfortable double bed, situated nearest to the windows, allowing views through the adjacent windows. A single bed can be set on the other side of the bungalow, which also can have a large table. The Bungalow's normal configuration is :-

• 1 Double Bed.

An extra single bed can be set up in the room to accommodate two(2) single people. The extended configuration is :-

• 1 Double Bed + 1 Single Bed.

The Nima / Bungalow accomodates a maximum of two (2) Adults in traditional bungalow style.

Lighting at night is provided by new generation solar Led lighting which is being provided to Tanna Island by a Australian 'NGO'. The Lights themselves provide an astonishing amount of light, and have long lasting batteries which affords the bungalow light for many hours

Amy's Nima has an small verandah at its front which is available to sit both early morning and at night to view the wide panorama of sunrise and twilight.

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Tanna adventures Accommodation - view of the double bed in the sleeping bungalow
Tanna adventures - Ni-Van child on deck of sleeping Bungalow
Tanna Adventures Accommodation - Front view of Sleeping Nima Bungalow
Tanna Adventures - peanuts are grown extensively on Tanna

Tanna adventures-Coffee logo Ways to Book your Tanna Experience with us.

You can book your accommodation directly on our Booking Engine - You are able to check out our availability by going to the Availability Check Box at the top of this page.

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Accommodation Rates - Amy's Nima /Bungalow

Accommodation rates are in Vanuatu Vatu for the following occupancies. You will pay the rate in Vatu as shown - the displayed amount in AU$ is indiicative (* see below) and the actual rate will be based on the exchange rate at the time of booking.

A deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking, with the balance paid in Vatu (Cash) to Esso at the time of departure.

Children aged twelve (12 yrs) and under are charged at Vatu 1,000 (AUD13.00) per night when accompanied by an Adult. Children aged five (5 yrs) and under are free (if required, you will need to bring your own cot)



- 1 Person

- 2 People

[Double Bed]

[Double+(Single ?)]









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front view  of the  kitchen /Dining Bungalow at Tanna Adventures

* Approximate equivalent rates are given in Australian Dollars to provides prospective guests with an FX comparision. Australian FX Rates given here are per Average of ANZ Bank and Westpac Bank Published Rate Dated 30th September 2016 ( 1 AU$ = 74.95 Vatu).