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Tanna Adventures - Tours & Walks Policy.

Information regarding your Tours and Walks.

Tours & Walks Policy Modification Date - 5th June 2014


Adults are charged at full rates as detailed on our website , and any person thirteen(13) and over are considered for Tours & Walks purposes to be adults.

We have no control over entrance fees charged by the various facilities such as the 'Volcano Guides'. This being the case we have no choice but to charge full fare for entrance fees. If Esso is able to obtain a reduction for your children, an adjustment will be made by Esso at the end of your time with Tanna Adventures.

Except for entrance fees as in (b) above, children aged twelve(12) and under, (but excluding those aged two(2) and under) are charged at 75% of the Adult Rate.

Infants (two years and under) are free for our specific fees ( although entrance fees will need to be confirmed as these our out of our control). However, while it is your decision whether or not to take your infant up to the Mt Yasur volcano rim, we do not recommend this, and advise caution


A Deposit, being a % of the total Tours & Walks Cost, is required to secure a confirmed booking. The Amount of the Deposit will vary, depending on the makeup of your activities ( as each activity has different deposit reqiorements - see gide to booking).

If you have also booked Accommodation with us, Your Documentation will be combined, as will your Deposit, which will be paid as one lump sum.

The amount of the The Deposit is paid in either American (US$), European (Euro), Australian (AU$), or New Zealand (NZ$) Currency, and can be paid by Bank transfer, Visa or Mastercard, or alternatively by Paypal. It is not possible to book tour and walks through our Booking Engine which is for Accommodation only. For Booking your complete trip, including Accommodation, Tours and Walks, we recommend that you use our Personalized Booking Page, or our Contact Page.


Your Final Payment is due at the end of your time at Tanna Adventures, and must be paid in local currency (Vatu) to Esso. Your Final Payment will be based on your Formal Documents, but will include Lunches, Dinners and any other service or product you order while at the Tanna Adventures Restaurant.

If you have also booked Accommodation with us, Your Documentation will be combined, as will your Final Payment, which will be paid as one lump sum.


Once you have paid your Deposit we will send you your Formal Documentation (PDF format), by email. This consists of our official receipt along with your confirmed accommodation dates.


Due to the fact that Tanna Island lies in the tropics and all roads are unsealed and subject to significant erosion during periods of heavy rain, this trip is dependent both on weather and road conditions (This is the same for all trips carried out by all tour operators on Tanna).

In particular Participants are to note that in the end its up to the Mount Yasur Volcano Guides to allow you to visit. If Volcanic activity is such that the Guides have closed the Mountain ( see Vanuatu Volcano Alerts System), then Participants must accept this as a a part of the unpredictablity of mother nature.

Please understand if the trip is rescheduled to suit. Participants are recommended to allow enough days on Tanna Island to account for any such eventuality.


Should the trip be postponed due to conditions then , subsequent days will be offered if these are suitable.

Should the Tour have to be cancelled due to conditions, or if Participants cannot make a subsequent tour that is offered, then :-

(i) No further charge will be made in respect of 'that Tour' in the Final Payment.

(ii) The Deposit paid in respect of 'that Tour' is not refundable however.


If we change our Tours and Walks Policy, we will post these on this page and change the Tours and Walks Policy modification date.