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Tanna - Adventures, a Travel Experience


Tanna Adventures - CONTACTS

As you will appreciate, contact in remote island locations can be difficult. The main form of communication is by mobile phone, however cellphone tower coverage is limited.

Therefore we have a number of Booking Options available :

Booking or Contact by Email -

Talk to us in New Zealand about Tanna Adventures (Primary Contact) -

Phone Greg or Anne ......... +64 9 473 2437

Gregs Mobile ................. +64 21 246 9293

Annes Mobile .................. +64 21 957 935


Tanna Adventures-Coffee logo ..... Tanna Booking Deposits.

To have a confirmed booking a Deposit is required. Payment of Deposits can be made by either Visa, Matercard or Paypal.



Visa logo ........ mastercard Logo


Tanna adventures-Coffee logo ...... Tanna Final Payments.

The remaining Final Payment is to be paid to Esso in Cash on settlement of account.


Tanna Adventures - Coffe logo ...... Note about Tanna Banks.

Vistors should be aware that Tanna has limited facilities, and that vistors should take sufficient cash with them from Port Vila for their entire stay, as banking facilities are limited and Card facilities non existent. There are NO ATM machines on Tanna Island. Further while we are able to take credit card or Paypal payments for deposits and prepayments , Esso is not able to do the same in Tanna - It is strictly Cash.



plant on Tanna Island with tanna Advetures
















Tanna Adventures - Contact Us.

If you would like to come to Tanna Island, and have not yet sorted any detailed specifics, send us an email and we will help point you in the right directions : see below for contact details and approx information you should provide if possible.

If you have any other questions or would like other information, our contact details are listed to the left of this page.




YES - I would like to book a Stay with Rachel and to do some Tours / Walks with Esso.

>> Tanna Adventures - Accommodation <<

............ Plus ...........

>> Tanna Adventures - Tours & Walks <<

Please provide the following information in your email :

  • Accommodation : Number of days and dates requested.
  • Accommodation : Number of people ( adults/children).
  • Tours / Walks : Specific or General idea of the Tours & Walks you are interested in.

Don't worry if you don't have specific dates yet, we can make recommendations in regard to flight arrival and departure times, number of days that we would recommend for your stay on Tanna, and a variety of itineraries that would be suitable during your Stay.

We will provide a full emailed based quotation for you to review, before paying your Deposit. Confirmation by return email will be provided on clearance of deposit.

front view  of the  kitchen /Dining Bungalow at Tanna Adventures



YES - I am staying elsewhere on Tanna, & I would like to book some Tours / Walks

with Esso, and to be picked up at my accommodation for the the Tour / Walk.

>> Tanna Adventures - Tours and Walks <<

If you are not staying at Esso and Rachel's, please provide the following information in your email :

  • Dates requested for requested Tours and Walks.

  • Number of people included in tour.

  • Name and location of Accommodation where you are staying.

We will provide a full emailed based quotation for you to review, before paying your Deposit. Confirmation by return email will be provided on clearance of deposit.