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Tour 1 - The Classic Mount Yasur Trip.

Tour 2 - Port Resolution / Shark Bay Trip.

Tour 3 - Mt Yasur Volcano - "THE BIG DAY OUT"

Tour 4 - Blue Cave Trip.

Tour 5 - BlackManTown / Giant Banyan Trip.

Walk 1 - Second (Lenuingao) Waterfall & Beach Walk

Walk 2 - 'Kastom' Trails Walk to Esso's.

Walk 3 - 'Kastom' Trails Walk to Black Magic.

Walk 4 - First (Lenuanatuaiu) Waterfall Walk.

Walk 5 - Central Highlands River Pools & Cascades.


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Tanna Adventures-Coffee logo .... Captain Cook's 2nd Voyage.

Picture of Capatian cook via wikipedia

Overview of Captain Cook's 2nd Voyage. Captain Cook departed Britain in 1772 on his second ( of three great voyages), in search of the Southern continent, with Cook in command of the 'Resolution' and Captain Furneaux the 'Adventure'. Rounding the bottom of South Africa, crossing the antarctic circle in 1773, and arriving in New Zealand, Captain Cook spent considerable time exploring the Pacific (Furneaux having returned home after NZ). Arriving midyear 1774 in Vanuatu, Cook named the islands the New Hebrides, and explored them for several months. Captain Cook returned to Britian a year later.

Captain cooks ship HMS Resolution care of Wikipedia


Captain Cook's Experience on Tanna Is. On july 30, 1774 Cook sights Tanna and heads dowm the coast of Erromango, where he was fired upon by arrows causing his departure. Coming into Tanna he sighted Mt Yasur and finding Port resolution anchors there on 5th-20th August 1774 to reprovision and supply the 'Resolution'.

While being initially threatened Captain Cook makes friends with Paowang and visited his house over the ensuing days. while being resupplied. Mount Yasur erupts on 7th August , and being interested in the landscape Cook traverses by foot to the other side of the island on the 16th.

Cooks map of Tanna Island showing Port Resolution

From the 'Captain Cook Society' : -

"They sailed south to another large island "being guided by a great fire we saw upon it." On 5th Cook realised it "was a Volcano which threw up vast quantities of fire and smoak and made a rumbling noise which was heard at a good distance." It was the island of Tanna and the volcano was Mount Yasur. Cook "sent two Arm'd Boats under the command of Lieutt Cooper and the Master to examine and Sound" a potential anchorage which was deemed suitable. The "Launch was hoisted out, laid out warps and warped father in". The ship was moored by four anchors. "Placing our Artillery in such a manner as to command the whole harbour, we embarked the Marines and a party of Seamen in three boats and rowed in for the Shore... two divisions of the Natives were drawn up on each side the landing place... not one was without arms: In short every thing conspired to make us believe they intended to attack us... I thought it was best to frighten them away... and accordingly order[ed] a Musquet to be fired over the heads of the party... this was the Signal for the Ship to fire a few four pound Shott over them which presently dispersed them and then we landed".

In regard to The harbour itself Cook writes :-

"... I named the Harbour, Port Resolution after the Ship as she was the first who ever entered it."

image of Captain Cook landing in Port Resolution, Tanna Island


Travel Tour 2 - Port Resolution / Shark Bay Trip.

[Updated 30th September 2016]

Port Resolution - Mt Mareum View from the Port Resolution Yacht Club

Port Resolution - One of the most idyllic places to visit. You just have to stop and take it all in ........

Travel Tour Overview from Esso's Nima:

Leaving by about 8.30am, travel via 4WD over unsealed roads through the central Tanna highlands, various stops are made to view spectacular outlooks of both Yasur Volcano and the the east Tanna coastline. Passing the Ash plains the opportunity is taken atvarious vantage points along the Ash Plain itself to view Mount Yasuer and its surrounding panorama.

• Travellers continue along an extremely rugged road to the Main bay of the inner Port Resolution Harbour. Here, you will be met by the local village elder and will be provided a guide to view the volcanic fumaroles along the northern arm of the Port resolution Harbour ( village fee included). You will be shown various natural springs along the inner beach and after a short trek will be taken to the more rugged outer coast on this arm. If rough seas have not swept away the main ladder down to the waters edge you will climb down to experience and view the unpredicatable seafront fumaroles which can spout very vigourously.

• On your return, you will be taken through the main village located at Port Resolution, and along to the fantastic oceanside white beach for lunch. Here you will enjoy a seaside lunch of either :-

    • A packed picnic ordered from Esso for the trip, and enjoyed on the grass beside the beach.
    • Enjoy a great lunch at the local beach restaurant, which serves chicken or beef dishes, but if you order ahead and it is the season, enjoy a great crayfish lunch at very reasonable rates. Ask Esso to book if you wish to each at the restaurant as a minmimum of one days notice must be given.

• After lunch enjoy an hour on the beach, relax or take in a swim. Or just take time to walk down its extensive length.

• Back in the 4WD carry on down tracks until you come to Shark Bay, where you view a boisterous and wild bay from an elevated vantage point, best no later than early to mid afternoon to ensure that the water is not shielded from the sun. View Sharks, which come in large numbers into the bay especially during the cooler months of the year, for the warmth caused by underwater hot water spouts located in the bay. While you may need to watch for a while, visitors are rarely disappointed.

• Walk along an outcropping to view Captain Cook Rock which is situated in an adjacent bay.

• Return for a fairly long return trip back to Tanna Adventures accommodation.

Added Overview Travelling from the Whitegrass Coast :

• If the tour is taken from any of the accommodation along the whitegrass coast, then approximately 1 hour can be added to the tour time (half an hour each way).

Port Resolution / Shark Bay - Travel Timeframe:

• Approximate timeframe is 6.5 -8.0 hours from leaving Esso's accommodation until return. This depends on road conditions, weather and the activity of Mt Yasur itself.

• Approximate travel time by 4WD from Esso's Nima to Port Resolution is 2.0-2.5 hours ( each way).

• Approximate time at Port Resolution thermal Area is 1.0 hour.

• Lunch will take between 0.5 -0.75 hour depending on wether you opt for the picnic or Restaurant lunch.

• Time spent at the oceanside beach is approx 1.0 hour.

Tanna Adventures - Tam Tams located on the beaches of the inner harbour of Port Resolution
Tanna Adventures- beautiful white sand beach on the outer arm at Port Resolution
Tanna Adventures Accommodation - waves on wild black sand beach
Beach Hut along the ocean beach at Port resolution

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Tanna adventures-Coffee logo Tour Rates - Port Resolution / Shark Bay.

Tour rates are in Vanuatu Vatu for the following Participant numbers. You will pay the rate in Vatu as shown - the displayed amount in AU$ is indiicative (* see below) and the actual rate will be based on the exchange rate at the time of booking.

Please note that the Single Participant rate applies if there is only one person in the Vehicle ( person must be over 18 yrs old). If a single traveller does the tour when there are other Participants, then the rate will reduce to that of the two or more Participant rate. The Single Rate applies due to the extremely high running costs of Vehicles on Tanna Island.

• ONLINE BOOKINGS - Rates specified in table below apply. A deposit of is required at the time of booking, with the balance paid in Vatu (Cash) to Esso at the time of departure.

• CASUAL (IMPROMPTU, NON-ONLINE) BOOKINGS - Rates specified in table below PLUS a 15% surcharge apply. Full payment rquired in Vatu (Cash) to Esso at the time of departure.

• TOUR START/FINISH POINT - Rates apply from Departures from Esso and Rachel's accommodation, or from Whitegrass Coast near to Tanna Airport ( and including Evergreen or Whitegrass Accommodation's). Other localities may incur additional pickup/dropoff costs).

- per Adult. [18 yrs and older] Vatu 18,050 (AU$ 241.00)
- per Adult. [13 yrs and older with
adult 18yr or older]
Vatu 15,560 (AU$ 208.00)
  - per Child. [12 yrs and under] Vatu
156.00 )
  - per Infant. [2 yrs and under] Vatu
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view of Captain Cook Rock just outside Port Resolution and near Shark Bay

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* Approximate equivalent rates are given in Australian Dollars to provides prospective guests with an FX comparision. Australian FX Rates given here are per Average of ANZ Bank and Westpac Bank Published Rate Dated 30th September 2016 ( 1 AU$ = 74.95 Vatu).