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Tour 1 - The Classic Mount Yasur Trip.

Tour 2 - Port Resolution / Shark Bay Trip.

Tour 3 - Mt Yasur Volcano - "THE BIG DAY OUT"

Tour 4 - Blue Cave Trip.

Tour 5 - BlackManTown / Giant Banyan Trip.

Walk 1 - Second (Lenuingao) Waterfall & Beach Walk

Walk 2 - 'Kastom' Trails Walk to Esso's.

Walk 3 - 'Kastom' Trails Walk to Black Magic.

Walk 4 - First (Lenuanatuaiu) Waterfall Walk.

Walk 5 - Central Highlands River Pools & Cascades.


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Tanna Adventures-Coffee logo ..... GIANT BANYAN TREES.


Banyan trees are massive trees which are extremely important to society on Tanna



Forests in Vanuatu are richly varied and include giant Banyan trees, kauri pines and some remnant stands of sandalwood as well as over 150 plant species which are specific to Vanuatu. The steep terrain has protected Vanuatu's forests from logging, which has been a problem in many other pacific nations.
A major interest of Vanuatu in regard to its plant life, are giant banyan trees which often dominate village meeting or dancing places , especially on Tanna Island. The Banyan tree is a huge evergreen tree with very extensive branches and grows to a height of more than twenty(20) metres and lives for many years. It can grow in to the giant tree covering several hectares and for some mature species it is said that thousands of people can sit under its shade at one time. Its branches spread out and send trunk like roots to the ground in order to support itself. The multirooted banyan begins by growing around another tree, which it ultimately strangles out of existence. These massive twisting mazes of trunks and vines are among the earth’s largest living organisms.

The Banyan tree, native to India and part of the Mulberry family, is an enormous tree with many uses and a vast history. Young plants put forth roots, which form secondary trunks to support the expansive limbs. These trunks send out more roots until they crowd out the host tree.
The leaves of the banyan tree are large, leathery, and used as animal fodder. The tree produces figs which are popular with birds and also produces flowers that attract wasps for pollination. Older trees can reach more than 200 meters in diameter, with a height of 30 meters.
While native to India, Banyan trees exist throughout South Asia. In most villages, the banyan tree provides a meeting place for the community. People gather in the shade of the banyan tree to relax, discuss issues, and make decisions.

there are many types and shapes of banyan trees on Tanna Island

It is interesting that introduced trees in villages and agricultural areas have made little impact, and there is still a predominance of indigenous species. Colonial planters and missionaries failed to eliminate 'kastom' on Tanna and society has retained its own memory of its history and identity. The Banyan tree plays an important part as it serves as a symbol of establishment and stability. In Tannese mythology, at the beginning men wandered without shelter or protection from the sun, rain, or the cold of night. The growth of vegetation with real trees, provided the first protection and at the foot and in the shade of Banyan trees, men hollowed out the first dancing grounds and built their houses. They then spread gradually throughout the whole island, following wherever Banyans sprang up.

However, the depth and importance socially of Banyan trees on 'Man Tanna', goes beyond physical function and man is compared to a tree whose roots thrust deep into the sacred earth. The Banyans around the most prestigious dancing grounds are symbolic of men and bear the names of ancestors who founded the clans. If the Banyan leaves the soil it dies, its land and political rights are extinguished, its magical and life-giving powers fade away. And the same occurs with man so the analogy goes



beach waterfall  on a Tanna Adventures Inspring Walk










Walk 1 - Second (Lenuingao) Waterfall & Beach.

[Updated 12th April 2017]

Exerience the thrill of standing on top of the coastal waterfall just on the East coast with a view out to sea

The best way to understand the Tanna landscape and its beauty is to get up close and personal ........

Inspiring Bush Walk Overview from Esso's Nima:

• Leaving Tanna adventures accommodation either ealry morning ( 8.30am) or immediately after an early lunch (12.00pm), take a guided bush walk over untouched tribal lands of Esso's family. The walk takes travellers over little used bush tracks and through areas where there are no tracks at all.

• At several places along the route, coming out on plateaus with extensive outllooks, view a number of small offshore islands and the east coast shoreline.

• Delve deep into an area where a number of large trees occur, which are the roosting place for thousands of flying foxes (fruit Bats). Sneak up to obtain the best views and watch as they take off from their perches and settle back down.

• Continue down into fairly dense bush and rugged country, marvelling at the diversity of trees and plant life along with the amazing effect of light as it shrouds or highlights the bush.

• Coming out at the top of a large waterfall, take in a huge island panorama from the top. The waterfall occurs in two parts, with a seies of short jumbles and steps at the top which belies the sudden fall off which occurs at the larger lower section. This appreciation is not taken in until the traveller has climbed down through steep bush at one side of the waterfall. Take time to swim in the pool below the waterfall and walk under the torrential cascading water.

• Walk along the stream down onto the black sand beach which is typical of the eastern shoreline. View the pattens of pumice stones which have been washed up on the shoreline, which occur periodically due to underwater volcanes and spouts nearby.

• Watch local 'Man tanna' fishing on the coral outcropping, while their families set up camp for the day in temporary shelters erected along the shore for overnight stays.

• At a special large waterhole hidden amongst the coral beach heads, cool down and enjoy the waves breaking over its outer edge when the tide comes in. View the beach escarpment behind filled with coconut palms and Mount Yasur smoking in the background.

• Climb a short but very steep hill side, with the track taking a series of switchbacks to get to the top.

• If a vehicle has been arranged, and conditions allow, be collected at the top of the hill, or better still walk back up a rudimentary vehicle track taking in a number of Banyan trees, along the way. The walk tales about three quarters of an hour up gentle but contantly rising topography.

Coconuts sprouting in the bush on a Tanna Adventures bush walk on Tanna island

Added Overview Travelling from the Whitegrass Coast :

• If the tour is taken from any of the accommodation along the whitegrass coast, then approximately 1 hour can be added to the tour time (half an hour each way), for transport to the location and back to you accommodation on the whitegrass coast.

'Kastom' Walk to Esso's Travel Timeframe:

• Approximate timeframe is 4.0-5.0 hours from start of walk to arriving at Esso's Nima. This depends on road and walking track conditions, as well as the weather and walking pace of participants on the tour.

Tanna Adventures - Walking relatively unused tracked to be a part of the untouched bush
Tanna Adventures- boys in a dug out canoe
Tanna Adventures Accommodation - Holding up a fruit Bat on a Bush walk with Tanna Adventures
Walking through untouched bush with Tanna Adventures
View of Beach on a Tanna Adventures bush Walk
looking at the base of the beach waterfall with tanna Adventures

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