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Tanna - Adventures, a Travel Experience

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Tanna adventures - map of tanna showing where Esso and Rachels Accommodation Nime is located



Tanna Adventures-Coffee logo ..... Which is more stunning ?

When you think of the tropics, its easy to think of those tropical sunsets sitting by the swimming pool or beach sipping a cocktail and reflecting on the great day we've just had. Thats the image that we all seem to carry with us and which has been capitalized on by marketeers.

The truth of that matter ....... is that it is an image conjured up primarily by holiday resorts, in advertising a holiday of relaxation and ...... the promotion of sitting around and not doing much.





On the other hand, no one advocates on behalf of sunrises ........ because obviously it seems that you would have to get up early to see it. From a marketeers point of view that would seem to be the kiss of death.

Reality is somewhat different however, and waking up to the birds gradually announcing the day through dawn, and having the first rays of light coming through the curtains is certainly a great backdrop to wake up to.

Watching the sun announce the beginnings of the day over a great cup of coffee, is equal to any sunset. Experiencing a fantastic sunrise, in a truly great setting is one of those memorable moments that you wont forget.





Tanna Adventures-Coffee logo ..... Is really that early ?

The range of daylight hours does not change that much in Vanuatu. At Xmas, the sun rises at approx 5.00 am and sets at approx 6.00 pm giving a 13 hour day. Conversely, at the shortest days in June the sun rises at 6.00am and sets at 5.00 pm giving an 11 hour day. ... not a great difference and each day is a good length of near enough to 12 hours.

At home you will perhaps go to bed at 10.00pm or 11.00pm ........ Prepare for a temporary change in livestyle.

On Tanna you will be out and about, perhaps walking, perhaps on the mountain, or on a tour. You will be back staving and ready for dinner about 7.00 pm and likely to be 'happy tired'.

It is probable that you will be glad to hit the hay about 9.00 pm. Even if you have been to Mt Yasur, you would be back, eaten and believe me ready for bed not long after that.

GUESS WHAT ! - Given that the average amount aperson sleeps is between 7-8 hours ........... you will be awake perhaps before 5.00 am but certainly by 6.00am.








Jack's Nima - Standard Bungalow.

[Updated 30th September 2016]

Jacks's Nima was the first Bungalow Constructed by Rachel and Esso on their families 'Kastom' land, and is still the most popular of their Nima's. It holds prime position on the site and the views obtained over the surrounding coastline is outstanding on a clear day.

The extensive deck affords panoramic views over the surrounding tropical bush and broad black sand beach below. Mt Yasur Volcano can be seen in the background (sometimes displaying a red glow providing it with a surreal halo).

Rachel will be your host at the accommodation

Jack's Nima /Bungalow

Jack's 'Nima' consists of a large and roomy Bungalow, which is considerably bigger than most tourist bungalows on Tanna, being a similar footprint to Mumma's Nima. It is a fusion between traditional and modern timber framed construction, and was the first Bungalow that Rachel and Esso Built. It has a high ceiling, and three large glass windows which provide extensive views over the adjacent landscape and out to sea. Mornings are amazing as the Bungalow faces due west and provides a fanatstic aspect to the sun rising over the sea. While the building is clad in conventional woven split bamboo, the interior has modern lining that imparts a modern feel.

The 'Nima' has a double bed, situated centally with bedside tables with reading lamps. A single bed can also be comfortably be set up to provide for a total of three (3) people. In one of the room's corners a generous table accommodates two people for writing, computers or reading.

Jack's 'Nima' has an extensive verandah on two sides so that guests can sit out and taken in the expansive sights, relax or read at ones pleasure. Its aspect to the panoramic view is a highlight. At night, clear panoramic skys highlight the bright stars and moon, which reflect off the sea nearby. In the distance, when Mt Yasur is particularly active, a red glow can be observed, giving off a red glow that is truly Tolkienesque.

The Bungalow's normal configuration is :-

• 1 Double Bed.

An extra single bed can be set up in the room to accommodate two(2) single people. The extended configuration is :-

• 1 Double Bed + 1 Single Bed.

Two(2) extra single beds can be set up in the room to accommodate a total of three(3) single people. The extended configuration is :-

• 1 Double Bed + 2 Single Beds.

The Nima / Bungalow accomodates a maximum of three (3) Adults in a contemporary traditional bungalow style.

Lighting at night is provided by new generation solar Led lighting which is being provided to Tanna Island by a Australian 'NGO'. The Lights themselves provide an astonishing amount of light, and have long lasting batteries which affords the bungalow light for many hours

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Tanna adventures Accommodation - view of the double bed in the sleeping bungalow
Tanna adventures - Ni-Van child on deck of sleeping Bungalow
Tanna Adventures Accommodation - Front view of Sleeping Nima Bungalow
Tanna Adventures - peanuts are grown extensively on Tanna

Tanna adventures-Coffee logo Ways to Book your Tanna Experience with us.

You can book your accommodation directly on our Booking Engine - You are able to check out our availability by going to the Availability Check Box at the top of this page.

Alternatively, check out our 'no obligation' Personalized Booking Service which will give you a number of personalized options from us, to suit your requirements. Click the buttom below to be taken to our booking queries page.

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Accommodation Rates - Jack's Nima /Bungalow

Accommodation rates are in Vanuatu Vatu for the following occupancies. You will pay the rate in Vatu as shown - the displayed amount in AU$ is indiicative (* see below) and the actual rate will be based on the exchange rate at the time of booking.

A deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking, with the balance paid in Vatu (Cash) to Esso at the time of departure.

Children aged twelve (12 yrs) and under are charged at Vatu 1,000 (AUD13.00) per night when accompanied by an Adult. Children aged five (5 yrs) and under are free (if required, you will need to bring your own cot)




- 1 Person

- 2 People

- 3 People

[Double Bed]

[Double+(Single ?)]

[Double+Single Beds]













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front view  of the  kitchen /Dining Bungalow at Tanna Adventures

* Approximate equivalent rates are given in Australian Dollars to provides prospective guests with an FX comparision. Australian FX Rates given here are per Average of ANZ Bank and Westpac Bank Published Rate Dated 30th September 2016 ( 1 AU$ = 74.95 Vatu).