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We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a couple of 'no obligation' quotes for your time in Tanna, along with a variety of itineraries for you to look at. These which show you the essence of the islands culture, along with its many diverse attractions (not the least being Mt Yasur Volcano).

You will be able to get an idea from our proposed itineraries, options which are available - which you are more than welcome to change around to suit you own requirements. If you have any particular attractions, aspects of culture, or activities you would like to focus on, please let us know.

Most travellers book 'Accommodation' along with our 'Tours & Walks', but we also provide excellent pick up services for our 'Tours & Walks' from other accommodation.


green fern grown on Tanna OIsland with Tanna adventures








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Tanna Adventures - Make a Booking with Us.

Esso and Rachel would love to see you, and show you their 'Tanna', the unique and real Tanna Island. If you have come this far you would like to either stay with Esso and Rachel at their hilltop sanctuary, or particate one of our 'Great Tanna Tours' or 'Inspiring Walks' .

Our Personalized Quotations.

We provide you with a personalized quotation along with a number of itinerary options, by email.

To enable us prepare relevant itineraries and quotations, it would be helpful if you could provide us with the following information : -

The number of nights you would like to stay with us (or ...... let us know if you have already booked your accommodation elsewhere).

The total number of people in your group, adults and children ( 12 and under). If you would like to stay with us it would be great to know if you have any preference in sleeping arrangements.

The dates and flight times for arrival and departure, if you have already booked your Tanna Island flights - This allows us to provide the best use of your time while on Tanna.

If you haven't booked flights yet, then please let us know your tentative arrival and departure dates, so we can check what flights we would recommend on those dates.

We generally get back to you within 24 hours, and often within a couple of hours.

Tanna adventures Accommodation - view of the double bed in the sleeping bungalow
Tanna adventures - Ni-Van child on deck of sleeping Bungalow
Tanna Adventures Accommodation - Front view of Sleeping Nima Bungalow
Rachel will be your host at the accommodation

Information & Fine Print of Making a Booking.

For information that is relevant to making a booking with Tanna Adventures, select from below :-

Click here for our complete Terms & Conditions.