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Tanna - Adventures, a Travel Experience

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Tanna Adventures-Coffee logo ..... MOUNT YASUR VOLCANO.



Tanna Adventures - Mount Yasur Volcano


Mount Yasur is the most visited volcano in Vanuatu and is relatively well behaved, making it ideal for observation by travellers. This being said, all volcanoes can be unpredicatble and at times ash and molten boulders are flung high and wide around the volcanoes base. It has been eruping continuously for centuries, but is fairly easily reached being only 360 metres to its summit.

A visit to the Volcano requires a one and a half hours rugged 4WD drive from the main centre, each way. This of course is considerably shortened by staying with Esso and Rachel at Tanna Adventures-Accommodation 'Nima' . Essos skill at taking travellers across the barren ash countryside while being pelted by ash pellets is unsurpassed.

The volcano is under the control of the Volcano guides, who help vistors gain safe positions along the crater rim to view the spectacular performances. The best times to view the volcano is at dusk, and travallers leave at about three oclock and return after eight.

Photos on top of Mt Yasur on Tanna Adventures




Tanna adventures-Coffee logo ...... 'KASTOM' WALKS.



Esso getting sugar can on a kastom walk for Tanna Adventures



Because Tanna is populated fairly uniformly over its entire area, it has developed 'Kastoms' which are unique. Let Esso take you on a 'Kastom walk' around his neighbourhood, taking three to four hours. You won't see a tourist organized village, but a number of normal villages going about their normal lives, and be introduced to the real 'Man-Tanna'.

'Kastom' tracks are traditional tacks away from the normal roads which have connected villages forever. Anything that can be viewed from such tracks, is free for travellers to satisfy their immediate needs. Bananas, tropical fruit, sugar cane, herbs and vegetables are grown in abundance along the sides of the tracks.

Esso is especially talented at introducing you to the peoples of each village and providing you with the insight into lap-lap and other cooking, village ways and protocol.

You will come back buzzing with the experience, and an appreciation that you are truely one of the lucky few. the trek covers a variety of terrain including steep hills.



jumping at the local waterfall on Tanna adventures



Click here to find out how to book one of Esso's Tailor made Island Tours

>>> Tanna Adventures - Island Tours <<<

Tanna Adventures-feet




Tanna Adventures - Esso's "tailor-made Island Tours especially for you.

Esso is a well known and sought after Tour Guide in Tanna, and there isn't any part of Tanna he doesn't know. Tanna is a rugged and unforgiving land that only the best operators and drivers can negotiate with confidence. For the independent traveller, there is no such thing as a hire vehicle, and for that matter no sealed roads or tracks. Tanna is an island of approximately 40,000 people and less than about 400 vehicles.

To get anywhere a tour guide is essential, and sometimes merely reaching a destination is a travel experience in itself, with large voids opening up in roads overnight due to volacnic movement, and tracks turning to mud after heavy rains.

Esso 4WD in action for Tanna Adventures Esso's 4WD driving skill is worthy of the best offroad 4WD drivers, and covers roads and tracks everyday that can surpass the most testing offroad courses.

On top of this he is well known throughout the region, being a former policeman, and speaks most village languages on the island. On top of this he goes about his day with humour and entertaining conversation. You will find Esso invaluable on your Tanna Stay.

Tanna Adventures-esso is one of the best off road drivers in Vanuatu

If you want a tailor made tour of Tanna, made especially to suit your needs, or your time frame , then talk to Esso when you arrive in Tanna, or at the Tanna-adventures Accommodation. Email us with what you would like to do and we will do our best to help fulfill you needs.

Island Tours are easily arranged for travellers staying in accommodation along the western whitegrass coast, near the airport, or even better in Tanna Adventures Accommodation, staying with Esso and Rachel.

Click here to find out how to Book Esso's Tailor Made Island Tours ..........>>><<< ....... Tanna Adventures-feet

However, you will find even our recommended " Great Island Tours and Inspired Walks' are pretty unique and can be tweaked to your requirements, as numbers are generally limited to two(2) to four(4) persons per tour. If you would like to know more refer to : -

"Tanna Adventutres - Great Island Tours & Walks in Detail."

The Best Way to Understand ........

The unfortunate thing about tourism, is that it tries to package everything up into neat little packages which the typical tourist can pick and choose from. The true traveller wants more than this, and in the time that they have SEE, DO, ENJOY and UNDERSTAND as much as they can about the places they are visiting.

It is just not possible to do this by a couple of packaged trips designed for general consumption. It merely gives you selected attractions at arms length.

A better way, a more enjoyable way, a memorable way, is to talk to a Travel Guide like Esso about what you would like to see and do. In the process you will get so much more, a more complete, well rounded travel experience that you will want come back for more of .......

Esso can give the history, the reasons why things are done in certain ways, and how 'kastoms' affect and determine the Tanna way of life.

Talk to Esso about taking you to ........

Tanna Adventures-Coffee Logo ...... Port Resolution.

A beautiful enclosed bay with fantastic scenery, anchored by captain cook when he was attracted to the island by the bellowing smoke from Mount Yasur. Visit the bubbling hot springs along it's water edge.

Tanna Adventures-Coffee Logo ...... Shark Bay.

A special bay which has a massive number of reef sharks, which can be viewed from safe vantage points.

Tanna Adventures-Coffee Logo ...... Waterfalls.

Take a waterfall walk, one of which is located on Esso's Family land. View the large tree ferns and lush tropical forest and suurounding bush.

Tanna Adventures-Coffee Logo ...... Sulphur Bay.

Natural thermal hot springs dotted along the bay are heated by nearby Mount Yasur. The pools having various levels of heat are used by the local village for washing and cooking.There are spectacular views along the way.

Tanna Adventures-Coffee Logo ...... Jon Frum Cult.

The Jon Frum Cult is famous worldwide for the 'cargo cult' movement. Equally important is the struggle of their way of life directly under Mount Yasur. The village hold dancing cermonies every friday night.

Tanna Adventures-Coffee Logo ...... and many more .


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Tanna Adventures - 4wd along the many dirt roads of Tanna
Tanna Adventures- boys in a dug out canoe
Tanna Adventures Accommodation - waves on wild black sand beach
Tanna Adventures - piglet wandering on kastom Trial
Tanna Adventures - visit an old missionary church
Tanna Adventures-Essos Car

However if you prefer to Book specific Island Tours or Walks (of course , no tour or walk ends up being exactly the same), then we can recommend the following selections :-


Travel Tour 1 - The Classic Mount Yasur Trip.

Travel Tour 2 - Port Resolution / Shark Bay Trip.

Travel Tour 3 - Volcanic Ash Plain / Mt Mareun Trip.

Travel Tour 4 - Blue Cave Trip.


Inspiring Walk 1 - East Coast Forest, Coastal Waterfall & Beach Walk.

Inspiring Walk 2 - 'Kastom' Walk to Esso's.

Inspiring Walk 3 - 'Kastom' Walk to Black Magic.

Inspiring Walk 4 - Rainforest Waterfall and Surf Beach Walk.


Also see "Tanna Adventutres - Great Island Tours & Walks in Detail."

Tanna Adventures- Climb a Banyan