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Tanna - Adventures, a Travel Experience

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Tanna adventures - map of tanna showing where Esso and Rachels Accommodation Nime is located


Tanna Adventures-Coffee logo ..... BE ACTIVE.

At Esso and Rachel's 'Nima' you can be as active as you want. Esso's name is Tanna Adventure Tours, and Esso will take you on as many of Tanna's traditional and 'Kastom' adventures as you want. Step out of your front door and choose from any of the following :-

Tanna adventures-Coffee logo ...... OR JUST RELAX.

The great thing is that if you just want to get away from it all and relax, then everything is here for you to do just that.

Tanna Adventures - Coffe logo ...... AND THE FOOD !

Rachel will serve you tropical fruit for breakfast as part of a continental breakfast. Lunches and Dinners are on a 'plate of the day' basis and are served in a modern island style. If you are going out the following day with Esso on one of his many amazing tours, ask the night before, if you can have a 'packed lunch' for the next day.



tree fern frond



Unforgettable Accommodation.

Let Esso, Rachel and their Family show you the essence of Tanna. They have built three large Accommodation 'Nima' Bungalows on their Family Land for your enjoyment and pleasure. Each Nima has broad views across the Tanna landscape, with Mount Yasur Volcano as a backdrop. Tanna Adventures accommodationis situated in Central Tanna, within the main coffee growing area of 'Middlebush', and is relatively close to most attractions, the main town of Lenakel and the airport.

Unlike most tourist and traveller accommodation in the Vanuatu, Tanna Adventures is located inland on the high plateau, enjoys a milder climate and has extensive banyan trees and tree ferns amongst the lush bush and rainforest.

Rachel will be your host at the accommodation

Enjoy the company of their extensive family and learn to appreciate the sheer delight and happiness that accompanies their everyday life.

Along with the Accommodation 'Nima', Rachel runs a spacious Restaurant, which serves modern island food.

Great Accommodation Choices ............

Tanna Adeventures offers three distinct styles of accommodation, each of which provide their own distinct levels of comfort, cultural embodiment and pricing. Below we offer two different means of booking your accommodation with Tanna-Adventutes. Firstly ...........

Look at our selection of Bungalow Accommodation.
Below is the selection of accommodation that is available at Tanna-Adventures, ranging from traditional through to contemporary Bungalows. Following the links for each, will provide a detailed description of the bungalow concerned, photos of both the exterior and interior of each, along with their daily rates.

Check out Availability & make a Direct Booking on our simple to use Booking Engine.
From each of the detailed pages you are able to check out the availabliity and book your accommodation directly on our booking engine, which is easy to navigate and simple to use ( located at the top and bottom of this page). Subsequent to this, we will follow up by email, to discuss a number of options and personalized itineraries that are available in regard to tours and walks (refer our Great Island Tours, and Inspiring Walks). Note that you will only be able to make payment of your Deposit by PayPal on our Booking Engine. If you would like to pay by other means, please use our Personalized Booking Service below.

Alternatively, email us for Personalized Service.
you may wish to communicate with us by email so that we can provide you with a personalized quotation for your Tours, Walks and Accommodation together, giving you a number of options. Many people find this to be a great way to have a tailor made Tanna experience. Once you have had a good look at the accommodation options below, feel free to click the link here to be directed to our Email Contact Page which you can fill in with your preferences. We usually respond within an hour or two ..... but no longer than within 24 hours.

If you would like to know about our booking process, and all the options which are available to you - have a look at our Making a Booking Guide.

Sleeping Nima on the Middlebush escarpment Tanna Adventures Logo for Travellers in Vanuatu

Jack's Nima / Bungalow

Standard Tanna Adventures Bungalow.
Enjoy Jack's spacious Nima (Bungalow), with outstanding views over a fastastic panorama. Take in the amazing morning sunrises on the large sweeping deck.

Jack's Nima has a double bed, but can comfortably sleep three(3) people with an extra single bed.

Jack's Nima was the first bungalow that Rachel and Esso built and remains the most popular.

let Tanna adventures take you on a Great Island tour or Inspired Walk on Tanna Island Tanna Adventures Logo for travelling in Tanna

Mumma's Nima / Bungalow

Superior Tanna Adventures Bungalow.
The most recent and the largest Nima, provides the greatest comfort for guests while still maintaining amazing views.

Mumma's Nima is testament to Rachel and Esso's desire to provide the upmost quality and comfort to their guests.

The largest of the Bungalow's, Mumma's Nima has a Queen bed along with a single bed, but can comfortably sleep four(4) people with an extra single bed.

The recent addition to the Tanna Adventures accommodation is proving to be extremely popular.

let Tanna adventures take you on a tailor made tour or walk to suit you Tanna Adventures Logo for travelling in Tanna

Amy's Nima / Bungalow

Traditional Tanna Adventures Bungalow.
Amy's Nima is the most traditional of the Bungalows at Tanna-Adventures, but still provides a level of comfort that is higher than the average Tanna Island traveller bungalow.

The incorporation of two windows provides a light and airy Nima that proves huge quantities of traditional ambiance. The Bungalow has a great outlook over the flat plateau at the top of the escarpment.

Amy's Nima has a Double and a Single Bed, and can comfortably sleep three(3) people.