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Tanna - Adventures, a Travel Experience

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The unfortunate thing about tourism, is that it tries to package everything up into neat little packages which the typical tourist can pick and choose from. The true traveller wants more than this, and in the time that they have SEE, DO, ENJOY and UNDERSTAND as much as they can about the places they are visiting.

It is just not possible to do this by a couple of packaged trips designed for general consumption. It merely gives you selected attractions at arms length.

A better way, a more enjoyable way, a memorable way, is to talk to a Travel Guide like Esso about what you would like to see and do. In the process you will get so much more, a more complete, well rounded travel experience that you will want come back for more of .......

Esso can give the history, the reasons why things are done in certain ways, and how 'kastoms' affect and determine the Tanna way of life.


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Tanna Adventures-Coffee Logo ...... Port Resolution.

A beautiful enclosed bay with fantastic scenery, anchored by captain cook when he was attracted to the island by the bellowing smoke from Mount Yasur. Visit the bubbling hot springs along it's water edge.

Tanna Adventures-Coffee Logo ...... Shark Bay.

A special bay which has a massive number of reef sharks, which can be viewed from safe vantage points.

Tanna Adventures-Coffee Logo ...... Waterfalls.

Take a waterfall walk, one of which is located on Esso's Family land. View the large tree ferns and lush tropical forest and suurounding bush.

Tanna Adventures-Coffee Logo ...... Sulphur Bay.

Natural thermal hot springs dotted along the bay are heated by nearby Mount Yasur. The pools having various levels of heat are used by the local village for washing and cooking.There are spectacular views along the way.

Tanna Adventures-Coffee Logo ...... Jon Frum Cult.

The Jon Frum Cult is famous worldwide for the 'cargo cult' movement. Equally important is the struggle of their way of life directly under Mount Yasur.

Tanna Adventures-Coffee Logo ...... and many more .














Tanna Adventures-Coffee logo .... TANNA - TAILOR MADE TOURS

If you want a tailor made tour of Tanna Island, made especially to suit your needs, Email us with what you would like to do and we will do our best to help fulfill you needs.

Island Tours are easily arranged for travellers staying in accommodation along the western whitegrass coast, near the airport, or even better in Tanna Adventures Accommodation, staying with Esso and Rachel.














Tanna Adventures - Who Are We ?

Tanna Island is a rugged and unforgiving land that only the best operators and drivers can negotiate with confidence. For the independent traveller, there is no such thing as a hire vehicle, and for that matter no sealed roads or tracks. Tanna is an island of approximately 30,000 people and less than about 400 vehicles.

To get anywhere a tour guide is essential, and sometimes merely reaching a destination is a travel experience in itself, with large voids opening up in roads overnight due to volacnic movement, and tracks turning to mud after heavy rains.

Esso 4WD in action for Tanna Adventures

Esso(Isso) Kapum
Owner and Top Tour Operator

Esso Kapum is a well known and sought after Tour Guide in Tanna, and there isn't any part of Tanna he doesn't know.

Esso's 4WD driving skill is worthy of the best offroad 4WD drivers, and covers roads and tracks everyday that can surpass the most testing offroad courses.

On top of this he is well known throughout the region, being a former policeman, and speaks most village languages on the island. He goes about his day with humour and entertaining conversation. You will find Esso invaluable on your Tanna Stay.

Esso 4WD in action for Tanna Adventures

Rachel Kapum
Owner and Top Hostess

Rachel, Esso's wife will look after you during your stay at Tanna Adventures. Their accommodation at Middlebush in the highlands is truly Rachel's domain, which she looks after with pride.

A focal point of the accommodation is the restaurant, where all the lunches and dinners are prepared by Rachel. Meals are all 'plat du jour' which she prepares with seasonal ingredients, and are a highlight for all guests who stay.

If you need anything during your stay, Rachel will do her best to help you.

Tanna Adventures-esso is one of the best off road drivers in Vanuatu

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Esso 4WD in action for Tanna Adventures

Greg & Anne Watt
Friends, and Associates of the Kapum Family

Anne and Greg Watt were first introduced to the Kapum family in the middle of 2010, and quickly became friends with the wider Kapum Family.

Initially providing guidance to Rachel and Esso with there tourism project, Anne and Greg now work along side the family.

A major difficulty on any remote island, is communication with the outside, and being able to source and provide technical expertise and services in all fields, has enabled Tanna Adventures to develop and grow. Anne and Greg provide this link.

Esso 4WD in action for Tanna Adventures

Because internet communication is difficult and even mobile phone reception unreliable, your first communication will be with Greg who takes and organizes all the bookings for both accommodation, as well tours such as the Mt Yasur excursions.

This website has been developed by Greg, and his knowledge stems from the extensive trips he and Anne take every couple of months to Tanna Island.

A ongoing development of the accommodation is with the advice and mentoring of Anne, who is affectionately known as 'Muma'.

If you would like to know more about Anne and Greg. and what they are about, you can go to :

Esso 4WD in action for Tanna Adventures

Anne and Greg are avid travellers, and try to see and promote 'Real Travel' to "Real Travellers'.


Esso 4WD in action for Tanna Adventures

For our blog on Vanuatu :


Esso 4WD in action for Tanna Adventures

Tanna Adventures- Climb a Banyan